Vizsla Pitbull Mix: Know Before You Adopt

Do you want a dog that is good with kids that’s why they are good family dogs? Do you want an active dog with boundless energy? A love of swimming? Maybe even the ability to jump great distances and climb trees? The Vizsla pitbull mix may be perfect for you. While this hybrid has been around for years, there is still much research being done on what makes them tick and how best to care for them.

Vizsla Pitbull Mix: Background

Vizsla Pitbull Mix: Background

The vizsla is one of the oldest dog breeds, believed to have originated in Hungary. This breed’s name comes from a Hungarian word meaning “hunter.” They are known for their gentle disposition and natural good looks. The first written records of this dog were found in 14th-century paintings depicting them as royal hunting dogs.

In the late 1800s, the vizsla was introduced to America and quickly became a popular breed. The first AKC champion of this breed was not crowned until 1972.

The other half of the vizsla pitbull mix is equally ancient and famous. The pitbull can trace its legacy back to ancient Rome where they were called “Canis Pugnax.” They were bred as war dogs and used in sports such as bull and bear-baiting. While the sport was outlawed, they gained a reputation for being strong, fearless, and tenacious.

Vizsla Pitbull Mix: Big on Loyalty

Vizsla Pitbull Mix: Big On Loyalty

One of the most notable traits of this mix is its loyalty. This dog will be completely dedicated to whoever becomes his or her owner; the dog will never waver in that commitment, either. The vizsla pitbull mix will be very loving toward children and other animals in the home. They are good with strangers but may bark to announce a stranger’s presence.

In addition, this dog can run for hours without tiring. As long as the vizsla pitbull mix is given lots of exercises, they should have no difficulty living in an apartment or small house.

The biggest danger for the dog is just how devoted they will be to their owners and family members. These dogs tend to think that anything in the home belongs to them and may attempt to protect it just as fiercely as they would a physical possession.

Vizsla Pitbull Mix: Intelligence

Vizsla Pitbull Mix: Intelligence

The Vizsla pitbull mix is considered to be very intelligent. They will be easy to train and have a knack for picking things up quickly. The breeders who created this dog did so by using the best qualities from both breeds, so it makes sense.

Pitbulls are also clever and get bored easily if they do not have a task to accomplish. They need these tasks to be fun, or else they will simply become destructive. A good romp in the yard with a Frisbee should keep them occupied for hours.

Even though this dog is very intelligent, you must know what you are doing when training one of these pups. At first, their intelligence can be overwhelming and they may feel like they know better than their owner. However, if you can win them over, this is a great breed for training in either obedience.

What to Look For

There are no such things as specific physical or personality traits that will always show up in this mix. Instead, there are a few characteristics that tend to be present in most dogs.

The vizsla pitbull mix will have medium-length hair that should never feel coarse or overly thick. Its coat will be sleek and shiny, but not oily.  Their eyes are usually round with dark rims around them. Check for any signs of entropion or ectropion, which can cause irritation to your dog’s eyes if left untreated.

Lastly, look at the tail of the dog you are considering bringing home. It should be long enough to reach past his or her hocks when standing naturally on all four legs. The tail also needs to be completely covered in fur without too much curl toward the end of it. If the tail curls much beyond 45 degrees or has spots of bare skin that look like scabs, then take a pass.

Grooming and Care

Grooming and Care

Grooming needs for this breed will vary depending on their coat type. Smooth-haired Vizslas need to be brushed almost daily to remove dead hairs and help prevent matting. Wire-haired breeds may only need brushing every couple of days unless they become excessively dirty after playing outside. Otherwise, these dogs are easy to care for and require little more than occasional bathing and nail trims.

They do best in living spaces that have access to a nice yard since both breeds were bred as hunting dogs with a love for outdoor activities. The vizsla can easily adjust to apartment living if it is given access to a park or play area that is at least ¼ of an acre.

While these dogs can live in any climate, they do require lots of exercise and open spaces. If you plan on keeping your vizsla pitbull mix in an apartment or small home without a yard, make sure you take them out for several walks every day and let them run around in the local dog park daily as well. Either way, make sure you give this pup lots of love and attention since they will return all of the affection tenfold!

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Some FAQs About Vizsla Pitbull Mix

Q. Do Pitbulls and Vizslas Get Along With Children?

Both the pitbull and the vizsla make great family pets, especially if supervised around children. However, there is always a risk that any dog can snap or bite when they are feeling overly threatened or frightened. That being said, it is important to make sure your kids are taught how to interact with dogs in a kind and gentle way. You should also make sure you are the one who takes your dog for walks when he or she is still a puppy since they can be overly excited around new people or children that they may not know well.

Q. Do Vizsla Pitbull Mixes Need a Lot of Exercises?

Like most dogs, the vizsla pitbull mix will require at least an hour of exercise every day. If you can’t commit yourself to this much time or energy with your dog, then consider getting two so they can keep each other company when they are away from you. These pups love to run and play and will need a safe area in your backyard where they can do both.

Q. Do Vizslas Shed?

Some varieties of the vizsla have been known to be heavy shedders, so if you are considering this dog as an option for yourself, be sure to check with fellow owners or rescue organizations before bringing one home.

Q. Are Vizsla Pitbull Mixes Good With Cats?

Most dogs, no matter what breed they are, can be trained to live with cats if introduced when they are still young pups. Socialization is incredibly important for any dog and will help them learn which animals in their environment are friends or enemies. With enough time and patience, you should be able to teach your vizsla pitbull mix to respect cats in your home.


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