Vizsla Dachshund Mix: The Athletic Vizsla Mix

Do you love the Vizsla Dachshund mix? The Vizsla Dachshund mix is one of the latest and greatest mixes that we will be discussing today. This is a mix between a purebred Vizsla and a purebred Dachshund. Just like with any type of dog, this crossbreed comes with its own unique set of characteristics and personality traits of both Dachshund and Vizsla.

This is an athletic dog, one that can prove to be quite the handful for inexperienced owners. With this said, it would be best if only experienced dog owners own this type of dog. So they can deal with its unique needs and requirements.

They are highly intelligent, but they are just as stubborn. If you want to own one then it would be best. If you have already established yourself as the leader of your pack. Owning this type of dog means that you will always need to be the one giving out orders. This breed does not like feeling like it is below its owner.

Vizsla Dachshund Mix: History & Origin

Vizsla Dachshund Mix: History & Origin

The Vizsla Dachshund mix is a newer breed of dog, not much is known about it. Some say that this breed was created in the 1990s. But others say that it has been around long before the 1990s. Either way, this dog is too new to have an established history.

The breed itself is not recognized by any major kennel club, which means that it cannot be shown in competitions or other organized dog events. Some breed fans have taken a liking to this mix and have even created a club for all owners of the Vizsla Dachshund mix!

They are not yet recognized by many. But some say that this breed of dog is quite popular in the UK. There are even some breeders out there who claim to have perfected the breeding of these dogs! First off, this is not a purebred dog. This crossbreed does not have its official lineage and records like the purebreds do. But there are still some breeders out there who say that they can reproduce this mix with relative ease.

Vizsla Dachshund Mix: The Physical Traits

Vizsla Dachshund Mix: The Physical Traits

The Vizsla Dachshund mix is a dog with a long and slender body, but with short limbs. At first glance, it may look somewhat awkward because of the height to length ratio, however, once you see this dog in action, its agility will blow you away.

This is a medium-sized dog, which is stout and average in weight. It may look like a small dog but it is quite hefty. Typically, its height ranges from 14 to 15. The majority of these dogs fall within the medium to the large size range.

The most common coat colors for this breed are tan, chocolate, and black. These dogs typically have brindle coats that may appear at random. But, there are some with solid coats. Like most dogs of this size, the Vizsla Dachshund mix is an energetic dog that needs daily exercise. It would be best if you take it out for a jog or a run often, just to keep it active and healthy. Some people even keep them as running partners, training them to keep pace with you.

Vizsla Dachshund Mix: The Temperament

The Temperament

The Vizsla Dachshund mix is an athletic breed of dog, so it has the energy and the endurance to match its athleticism. They are very energetic dogs that require daily exercise or else they will become rambunctious.

The Vizsla Dachshund mix is quite stubborn, which means that you need to establish yourself as the leader of the pack from day one. Owners who are strong-willed will have an easy time with this breed, but owners who are weak or submissive may have a hard time dealing with this dog’s unique needs.

This is an average dog when it comes to intelligence, they are not dumb but they are definitely not the most intelligent of dogs. Vizsla Dachshund mixes are quite adept at picking up on their owner’s habits and quirks, so if you have bad habits, your dog will quickly pick them up as well.

Vizsla Dachshund Mix: Training & Grooming

Training & Grooming

The Vizsla Dachshund mix is a very intelligent dog, so training them should not be as difficult as it might be with other breeds. But, do not expect that they will respond to you 100% of the time or even 50% of the time.

They have a tendency to become easily distracted which can make training a bit difficult. When you train a Vizsla Dachshund mix, make sure to keep them entertained and keep them interested in the task at hand. They will be more attentive this way.

As far as grooming goes, you should not have much trouble with this breed of dog because their coats are typically short and easy to maintain. If they get dirty give them a good bath to get rid of all that dirt. Bathing your dog weekly is recommended if it has an especially dirty week or two despite its regular exercise schedule.

Since the Vizsla Dachshund mix can have either long or short hair, you should consult your veterinarian to see what type of coat your dog will have before you get your dog. Once you understand your dog’s coat, start grooming it regularly and prevent an unkempt look.

Vizsla Dachshund Mix: Health Care Issues

Health Care Issues

The Vizsla Dachshund mix is a healthy breed of dog. But, if you do decide to get a Dachshund for this mix, then there is a chance that your dog will develop back problems or spine issues.

Further watch out for intervertebral disk disease, the most common health issue associated with this breed.

Lastly, it is important to note that many of them are prone to allergies. If your dog develops an allergy then steer clear of specific foods and make sure that they get plenty of exercises so that their bodies can expel toxins through sweat or panting.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Does a Vizsla Dachshund Mix Bark a Lot?

A. The Vizsla Dachshund mix is a very vocal breed of dog, so they will bark more than other breeds. But, it also depends on the parent breeds as well as your training methods and your lifestyle.

Q. Are all Dachshund Mixes Small?

A. The Dachshund breed is a small breed of dog so all mixes will be small breeds. However, their size can range from medium to large or even extra-large depending on the other parent(s) and what they add to the mix (more Dachshund genes = smaller; more other breed’s genes = bigger).

Q. Is a Vizsla Dachshund Mix Going to Need a Lot of Exercises?

A. The Vizsla Dachshund mix is a very active breed of dog so they will require more exercise than other breeds, but if you do not have the time or energy to take your dog out for a long walk every day then it is best to stay away from this breed of dog or look into other breeds that have a similar size and exercise requirement.

Q. How Much do Vizsla Dachshund Mixes Cost?

A. The price can vary depending on your location, the breeder’s location, as well as the specific puppy. However, Vizsla Dachshund mix puppies can cost anywhere from $200 – $1000 or more (depending on your location).


The Vizsla Dachshund mix is a good option for people with specific criteria. They need to be very active and have an active lifestyle. They need to have short hair or be willing to get their dog’s coat cut regularly. They also need a lot of room in the yard because this breed loves to exercise a lot.

So, if you think that this is the right breed for you then go ahead and check your local rescues to see if they have any available Vizsla Dachshund mixes or contact a breeder in your area. You may just find the perfect canine to add to your family!

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